Behind Closed Doors - Check Electric Limited

Reece Check, Warrington

We started Check Electric Ltd 18 months ago after finishing at Macraes as an underground shift sparky.
We do residential and commercial electrical works. Repairs, alterations, additions, new builds and switchboard upgrades.
Lockdown put a halt to all our business. We had a couple of calls in level 4 but nothing that was deemed urgent or essential.
We are now back to offering all services on level 3, with COVID protocols in place. Contact tracing, paperwork, and cleaning tools and work areas. It's really up to customers if they are happy to have us in their bubble.
I really enjoy meeting the people of the area. Lots of good folks out there with good stories. It makes us feel closer to the community

Check Electric Limited

204 Coast Road, Warrington

Contact Reece Check

M 021 075 3931



Our world turned upside down when COVID-19 hit. Life as we knew it came grinding to a halt. And the impact of it will be felt for a long time yet. But not all of the impact has been bad. For many it has shown how strong we are as communities. And more than ever, it has pushed for a shift to #supportlocal.

As my way of supporting my own community bubble, I reached out to local businesses to see how the COVID Lockdown has impacted them.

In the process I discovered so many amazing people, with some fantastic businesses, all right here in our backyard.

And I would like to introduce them all in this new series of Behind Closed Doors ~The Blueskin Bay Edition.

Kerry Hodge, Warrington, May 2020

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