Behind Closed Doors - Evansdale Cheese

Pablo, Lesley & Colleen Dennison, Hawksbury Village

Two great things to come out of 1977- Star Wars, and of course Evansdale Cheese.
We are the same family that started it today as we were then. It has been one of the great things in my life to be able to spend extended time with my family, we have shared many experiences and A LOT of delicious cheeses.
Lockdown has been very tough for us as we lost 80% of our business overnight, all distributors, all cafes, all restaurants, our shop closed and the many tourists who visit us are no longer around.
Thankfully in Level 3 we were able to send online all around NZ, as well as being able to deliver to your door if you lived locally all while respecting social distancing and safety.
I first moved to Evansdale when I was 3 years old, and being part of this district has been such a wonderful experience. I've seen many come and go from the area, but the support and loyalty we have received from the people in the area is amazing, and a wonderful testament to the caring community we live in. I am so grateful to have you as clients, and as friends. I sincerely thank you.

Evansdale Cheese

4 Duncan Ave, Hawksbury Village, Waikouaiti

Contact Pablo, Lesley & Colleen Dennison

T 03 465 8101



Our world turned upside down when COVID-19 hit. Life as we knew it came grinding to a halt. And the impact of it will be felt for a long time yet. But not all of the impact has been bad. For many it has shown how strong we are as communities. And more than ever, it has pushed for a shift to #supportlocal.

As my way of supporting my own community bubble, I reached out to local businesses to see how the COVID Lockdown has impacted them.

In the process I discovered so many amazing people, with some fantastic businesses, all right here in our backyard.

And I would like to introduce them all in this new series of Behind Closed Doors ~The Blueskin Bay Edition.

Kerry Hodge, Warrington, May 2020

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