Behind Closed Doors - Kerry Hodge Photographer

Kerry Hodge, Warrington

I have had a camera in my hand since high school, but only turned it into a career 3yrs ago.
I established my business after completing a psychology degree, when it became clear that whatever role I worked in needed to be flexible to accommodate the needs of our kids, specifically our oldest one who lives life with Autism Spectrum Differences (technically they call it a disorder, but its not a disorder... its just a different order to most others).
A friend convinced me I was good enough to capture her wedding photography, and things took off from there.
Lockdown life had a huge impact on business as I could no longer meet face to face, and all events such as weddings were being cancelled. The good news was, I was in desperate need of a break and my house was in desperate need of renovation so I was able to take a step back and enjoy home life... in my pj's... with a cheeky drink in hand.
But as much fun as we had, like others I craved having some routine again and I really missed peopling! And more than ever I felt a huge need to support local. So I reached out to my wider Blueskin Bay bubble and began this series. And it has hands down been the most rewarding experience. I love life in the bay. The scenery, wildlife and lifestyle are so incredible.
But the people... maaaaate... the people here are wonderful. There is such a huge sense of community and support, right across the board. And I couldn't be happier to be raising my small humans among it all.
I want to thank everyone who was involved in this story, and also to the community for getting behind me. It wouldn't have been the success it was without all of your support so thank you.
Although the series is now finished, the amazing businesses are not so get in and support them however you can.
These businesses and more are listed here at blueskinbayonline...and, you can see the full list of stories over on my blog.

Kerry Hodge, Warrington, May 2020

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