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Dan Monckton, Waitati.

We started the business just over 6yrs ago. I had to look that up and it came as a bit of a shock, time flies. Initially it was just myself and Lee, who is still here, he must be due some sort of an award.
The business has slowly evolved and we now have 6 of us, and some loyal subcontractors.
We specialise in building smaller, high quality homes and studios. We work with a draftsman, so we can offer our own plans, or work with clients to develop their ideas. Our emphasis being on doing things to a high standard while being realistic about costs.
Lockdown obviously slowed things down a lot, but it also meant that things backed up and consents came through, so now on the other side we are busier than ever. The real impact for us will be seen in 9-12 months once we have worked through our current load. It was nice to have the break and spend time with the kids and work on unfinished projects. Of course I started a few others so now we have twice as many unfinished projects at home but it pays not to dwell on these things.
We can now currently offer a full drafting service from design to consent, build and completion, including all sub trades. We also have our own houses we import from Europe. These are a high quality solid timber home with UPVC German windows and doors, engineered and designed by us.
We also have small cabins for sale or rent. And with the new rules regarding unconsented buildings, we will be offering more designs for buildings up to 30m².
My favourite part about doing business in Blueskin Bay is the people. At the end of the day, its about people. The people we work with are awesome, the staff and the clients. We are so lucky to live in such a diverse community, where people work together and help and support one another.

Mopanui Studio Homes

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Our world turned upside down when COVID-19 hit. Life as we knew it came grinding to a halt. And the impact of it will be felt for a long time yet. But not all of the impact has been bad. For many it has shown how strong we are as communities. And more than ever, it has pushed for a shift to #supportlocal.

As my way of supporting my own community bubble, I reached out to local businesses to see how the COVID Lockdown has impacted them.

In the process I discovered so many amazing people, with some fantastic businesses, all right here in our backyard.

And I would like to introduce them all in this new series of Behind Closed Doors ~The Blueskin Bay Edition.

Kerry Hodge, Warrington, May 2020

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