Fresh as a Daisy - Cleaner & Home Specialist

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Need more time or space?

Let the Fresh as a Daisy team clean or declutter your home to make it the oasis of peace and tranquility that you so deserve

Having lived in Blueskin Bay for over 20 years, Daisy Forest aka Fresh as a Daisy has been providing exceptional - quality, affordable cleaning and decluttering services to many satisfied local residents.

Daisy started residential home cleaning in early 2017, initially to help out a friend with her extra work load, but as her skills developed and reputation grew, Daisy quickly gathered new clients and so created 'Fresh as a Daisy' cleaning services.

Local demand was such that Daisy was able to say goodbye to the commute ‘over the hill’ for work.

I love working for myself and I am passionate about providing a high level of service, it gives me a genuine sense of satisfaction knowing a home is left beautifully clean & immaculate for when the client returns home.
I pride myself on having an eye for detail and love creating a clean, calm haven for my clients to unwind in.

During 2019 Daisy incorporated her home decluttering service into the business.

As we live busier lives in homes that become overwhelmed with ‘stuff’ our homes move away from being the relaxing retreat or sanctuary they should be. We quickly become surrounded by too much stuff and we all know how difficult it is to organise, sort and perhaps even let go of the things that are cluttering up our living spaces.

As a decluttering specialist Daisy works alongside you, as the client, to establish & understand your goals and the desired outcomes for your home. Daisy provides the encouragement, support & hands-on assistance to help you achieve your goals.

Sometimes you just need that bit of support to give you the will to keep going. Cleaning & decluttering can be a very challenging process!

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