Behind Closed Doors - The Blueskin Bay Edition

Showcasing local business, trades & services through the lens - Kerry Hodge

On one of my many, many... many walks through lock down I noticed a ray of light shining opposite 'Harvey Street Merchant', Waitati's recently opened boutique grocer. As a fledgling business HSM had only commenced trading a few weeks before lock down.

As for the ray of light, that was none other than talented Warrington Photographer and positivity guru - Kerry Hodge.

Photographer. Storyteller. Creative. Seeing magic in the ordinary and having adventures along the way.

Kerry, armed with massive lens in hand, was framing up Harvey Street Merchant, intent on capturing the best perspective to share with the wider community to support this new business through photography.

As a business owner herself, Kerry is passionately concerned about how the Covid-19 pandemic will effect our community and local businesses in the long term.

Our world turned upside down when COVID-19 hit. Life as we knew it came grinding to a halt. And the impact of it will be felt for a long time yet. But not all of the impact has been bad. For many it has shown how strong we are as communities. And more than ever, it has pushed for a shift to #supportlocal. As my way of supporting my own community bubble, I reached out to local businesses to see how the COVID Lockdown has impacted them. And in the process I discovered so many amazing people, with some fantastic businesses, all right here in our backyard. And I would like to introduce them all in this new series of Behind Closed Doors - The Blueskin Bay Edition.

Through a series of thoughtful reviews entitled 'Behind Closed Doors' ~ The Blueskin Bay Edition, Kerry has spent her lock down photographing & interviewing a selection of our local businesses to showcase & share their unique experiences throughout lock down.

Kerry's mission has been to support and promote local business by sharing her reviews across social media which has generated a wider audience for these businesses and lots of positive feedback.

Kerry has kindly allowed me re-post those reviews here at Blueskin Bay Online as a series of individual blog posts.

Check out Kerry's personal website below.


Kerry Hodge Photographer


T 021 0511 022

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