Welcome to Blueskin Bay Online

Hi all, one thing the past six weeks of lock down has given me is time, the time to think and contemplate and the time to complete the projects that prior to this Covid-19 pandemic, I couldn't find the time for.

One of those projects was to create an online directory of local Blueskin Bay businesses, trades and services to share with the community so that I didn't have to constantly ask for recommendations when I needed help.

So here it is, Blueskin Bay Online, a directory of close to 70 local businesses and growing.

Blueskin Bay Online is intended as a one stop go to for our community to find those essential businesses; and to help support our local business community. 'Support Local' is a commonly heard phrase at present and it is perhaps more important than ever that as individuals we support our local community in every way we can to ensure a sustainable future. We live in uncertain times, I feel extremely fortunate to be living here in Blueskin Bay.

When I asked local businesses to come forward with their details, I received an overwhelming response which highlighted to me just how many skills and talents we have here in Blueskin Bay.

Blueskin Bay Online is completely free to local businesses, trades & services and it is very simple to add your business and update your details if your information changes.

Users can simply search by trade or service type or by category.

With winter here, one of the most common searches for recommendations I see on social media is for firewood. While we do have firewood sellers in Blueskin Bay, we have more demand than supply so in addition to local suppliers I have listed the main Dunedin and East Otago sellers.

We are also happy to list other recommendations for these services if you have good experiences.

I hope you benefit from this resource and please remember to 'Support Local'.

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